Brooks Brothers has 10 stores in New Jersey

Set WeatherThe 202 year old clothing retailer Brooks Brothers announced last week it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and is seeking to permanently shutter 51 stores.Brooks Brothers has 10 stores in New Jersey, but the locations of permanent closures have not yet been announced.Withhuge spikesin online shopping sales over the past several months, companies have pulled out all the stops to take advantage of the surge.Lululemon, for instance, heldits first major warehouse sale in three yearsbecause the coronavirus has crushed business, while Macy’s just concluded a “Black Friday in July” sale.Retailers often have big markdowns after declaring for bankruptcy, too. Although not marketed as a liquidation sale, Brooks Brothers is currently holding a summer savings sale with items up to 50% off, along with clearance items 70% off.Below is a roundup of some of the better deals Brooks Brothers is offering following its bankruptcy filing.The staples of Brooks Brothers, dress shirts and sport shirts, are four for $199, instead of $120 per shirt. Casual pants start at $17.85, while shoes are starting at $89.Melange Printed Shorts for $26.85, instead of $89.50Seersucker Stretch Bomber Jacket for $98.40, instead of $328Suits starting at $298.90, instead of $498Women’s apparel and shoesYou can find pants, shorts and skirts starting at $17.85, along with tops starting at under $30.

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